What is a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency, otherwise known as an employment agency, is an organisation that works to bridge the gap between the employer and employee. They are tasked by employers to find candidates for job openings, who best suit their requirements. Consultants, who work for recruitment agencies, look after the job-seeking process from start to finish. This includes sourcing new opportunities, finding and reaching out to suitable candidates, lending their advice on CVs, and assisting with interview preparation, feedback and aftercare calls. 

If you are still wondering why using a recruitment agency could be beneficial when seeking new job opportunities, keep reading.


A wealth of opportunities

When scrolling through job sites, sometimes it can be hard to pick out which role best suits you. Maybe there are too many to choose from, or perhaps there are none at all that piques your interest. 

Recruitment agencies have access to a huge range of job opportunities that sometimes may not be publicly available to you. 

After registering with an employment agency, you will receive initial contact from a consultant. Their job is to find out what kind of role you are looking for as well as understand your experience, skill set and areas of expertise. 

Following this, your consultant will unlock and present you with a range of opportunities that best match your requirements. By providing you with relevant jobs, you can wave goodbye to the endless scrolling on job sites, saving you time and resources. 


Company Insights

Have you ever been invited to a job interview that initially seems like it could be the perfect fit? You then get to your interview and find out that the company culture and values aren’t for you. That can be disappointing.

Working with a recruitment agency can be hugely beneficial in this department. Your consultant does not only work hard to understand you, the employee, but they also put in the effort to understand company cultures, values and expectations. With this in mind and an understanding of both the candidate and client, recruitment consultants prioritise finding the perfect match across all aspects, ensuring candidates are in the best position to succeed and progress.


CV and Interview advice

Job seeking can be hard work when trying to juggle everything yourself. Knowing whether your interview prep is up to scratch or if your CV needs improvement can be an endless battle.

Luckily, recruitment agencies are able to provide tips and feedback to ensure that candidates are best equipped to land their dream job. 

Agencies have insider knowledge about the companies they recruit for, meaning they can provide some hints and tips before an interview to give you a good chance of progressing.

It is crucial to take advantage of recruitment agencies’ knowledge and expertise in their field – this could be what makes you stand out from other potential candidates.


Specialists in your chosen field

9 times out of 10, recruitment agencies specialise in certain sectors. This could range from Construction agencies through to Tech agencies and everything in between. When you know what area of work you would like to explore, do your research to find an agency that specialises in your chosen sector. 

These agencies will have teams of consultants who are experts in your chosen industry, ultimately meaning they are able to provide you with the very best insights and advice.

If you are looking for work in the Construction Industry, Vision Personnel are a nationwide recruitment agency. We consist of specialist consultants with expertise within the white-collar and blue-collar sectors. With a huge range of opportunities within multiple companies, we are positive that we have the perfect role available for you. If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your job search, get in touch today.